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 The most foolish traveller in the world

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PostSubject: The most foolish traveller in the world   Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:03 am

A foolish traveler was on a journey.

He was stupid because he was easily tricked. The townspeople took advantage of him.

On that journey, he was tricked into giving away all his money, clothes, and shoes.

But the traveler was foolish, so when the townspeople lied to him, saying, "This will really help..."

Tears would stream down his face, and he would say, "Please be happy"

When he gave away his last belonging, he was naked and ashamed to be seen.

So he decided to travel in the forest.

Then he met the monsters who lived in the forest.

They wanted to eat him, so they tricked him with clever words.

Of course the traveler was fooled, and when the monsters asked, he gave up his arms and legs.

Eventually the traveler was nothing but a head. He even gave his eyes to the last monster he met.

As the monster munched on his eyes, He said, "Thank you. I'll give you this in return" and left him.

But that was a lie too...

His gift was a single piece of paper that had "Fool" written on it.

But the traveler cried and cried saying, "Thank you, Thank you. This is the first time anyone's given me anything. I'm so happy! Thank you thank you"

And tears kept flowing from his empty sockets.

And while he was crying, he died.

Close your eyes and think...was the traveler really a fool, or was he blessed?

I like to think he was blessed.
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The most foolish traveller in the world
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