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PostSubject: Soooo.....   Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:15 pm

Yes, there are multiple things I'm concerned about in respects to a certain manuscript I possess. Yes I know, multiple times I've said I found a manuscript that I would possibly follow through with, only for them to be scrapped. And I'm not even sure how long this one will live, but hey: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So, I need assistance with character rosters. It's basically this guy who used to belong to an organization (sort of like a mix of spies and assassins. Think the Bourne series). And i need people for the organization. The following template would help a lot.

Special Skills: *NOTE: please make this realistic. No inhuman speed or abnormal strength or the ability to make mathematical calculations in a matter of seconds (although that's a bit of stretch there). Maybe like skilled illusionist, or a prestigious position in an army*
Short History: *NOTE: COMPLETELY optional*

Thanks in advance! And I might not use some of your suggestions. I just needed a...pool of sorts?
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